Programming With Content

At times, you may want to match ads based on your specific situations (for example, when a user clicks a link in your page) instead of from meta description. You can call a javascript function revivefn by providing a text string. Adrelevantis matches ads using the text provided.

Adrelevantis matches ads using the text provided to a javascript function.

To use javascript function revivefn, you need to get the following tag, put it in your pages, and then, call it when you want to display ads.

<ins data-revive-zoneid="2" data-revive-id="117dadc085810cb156b98c91b758833b"></ins>
<script async src="//"></script>
revivefn(document, window, "Drink to Your Health (in Moderation), the Science Says. Abstaining is sound advice because of the dangers of abuse, but moderate drinking is linked to some positive results.");

An Example:

NYTMostViewed lists most viewed articles of New York Times. Click an article link, the title and the abstract of the article are used to match and display an ad banner at the top of the page while a separate window is popped up to show the article itself (you may need to allow popup for your browser to see the article).

Posted by Gary Guo on December 28, 2015