Content-Delivery Limitation Plugin

Content Delivery Limitation Plugin is a Group added to the Delivery Limitation Plugin of Revive Ad Server. It works with Revive Ad Server version 3.2.4. Please follow the following instructions to install it.

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Login your revive ad server as admin and go to Plugins page.
  3. Click Browse... button under Install new plugin and select the in the above download.
  4. Click Import (code only).
  5. Add Content=1 to [pluginGroupComponents] section in of your adserver. Your conf.php will look like this
  6. Replace banner-acl.php in /www/admin/ of your adserver with the one in the download.
  7. Replace async.js in /www/delivery of your adserver with the one in the download.
  8. Add the following two lines to [var] section of of your adserver. catsServer=""
You ad server is ready to go with Content Delivery Limitation Plugin. Please read more here to see how it works. With the above catsServerKey, you can make up to 250 free requests a day. You can find more information about the underlining technologies consumed by the Plugin here.

Please feel free to ask any questions or like to know more.

Posted by Gary Guo on April 28, 2016